Day 1: Define the Challenge & Produce Solutions

15 Solution Sketch 30′

Alas, the final step has arrived! It is time to turn a full day of brainstorming and idea generating into a clear, general solution sketch. This non-course specific ‘solution sketch’ contains approximately four A4-papers taped together, as well as some smaller papers or post-its attached to it. The sprint questions, HMWs and more importantly the multiple steps in the map can be prepared and interpreted in numerous ways. By having each team member come up with his/her own solution of the map, the best practices will come to the surface. Although this heavy task might sound daunting, these four tips are here to help everyone not to take this last exercise too seriously:

  • Ugly is ok
  • Words are important
  • Give it a nickname
  • Focus on 1 idea

The only requirement is involving the co-creation platform (Open Webslides) in any useful way possible into the solution when sketching the course. Interactions with the platform can involve one or all of the stakeholders. The final result will be used the next day without the creator explaining the content. Every team member must make sure their solution drawing contains enough clear text.

The day ends with all solutions taped to the wall with the text and drawings facing away of any viewers. All concepts will be revealed the next day.


Figure 1 Example solution 1




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