Day 1: Define the Challenge & Produce Solutions

11 Lightning demos25’

Once everyone is on the same page and the focal point is narrowed down, time has come to open the view again. The lightning demos are a way of inspiring the team and pointing out that not everything needs to be reinvented from scratch. In a span of 25 minutes each individual conducts a very short research by browsing through the examples and testimonials on the online module, the web and/or their own experiences. Think outside the box.

Each team member collects inspiring or innovative examples that could be an example or method/learning activity for co-creating the course and, more specific, the target of this sprint. These examples can be products or services but may as well find its origin in personal experiences or initiatives he/she took in the past. Three big ideas per person should be the outcome when time is up and each participant makes short notes that help them explain each idea within a minute (no post-its needed).

The facilitator assigns one participant with the task of ‘note-taker’. This person writes down keywords or, even better, draws small doodles of each lightning demo on a post-it-note. Each note contains the ‘big idea’, the key words or doodle that summarises the demo. When all team members have shared their stories, the big ideas are put on the wall as a visual inspirational mood board. The notes should stay on the wall so the examples can be revisited during the rest of the design sprint.

EXAMPLE lightning demo’s


walls during 3-part sketch



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