Day 4: Interview & Debriefing

20 Interview Reminders

Each new group has teachers with five different co-creation approaches for their course. One teacher at a time goes through the storyboard and the parts in the co-creation platform, explaining their course-specific adaptation of their team’s winning solution. The teacher who is ‘presenting’ can ask questions to the rest of the group to gain feedback for the different steps of the didactical method they present.


When asking for feedback during the ‘interview’ / presentation, keep these tips in mind:


  • Ask open-ended questions
  • DON’T ask multiple-choice questions
  • DON’T ask yes/no questions
  • Ask broken questions (to start asking a question but let your speech trail off before you say anything that could bias or influence the answer)
  • So what… is…
  • Bring your curiosity
  • DON’T assume. Ask why!


The teacher writes down any feedback involving tweaks that need to be made to the co-creation course, on a red post-it note. Positive feedback is written on green post-it notes and all inputs are gathered on a sheet of paper.


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