Easy-to-study studymaterials

The concept ‘easy-to-study’ refers to quality aspects of education. Wijnen et. al. (1992) indicated in their report that we talk about easy-to-study study materials if there are no study impeding factors. The ultimate aim of increasing this in higher education is to improve the chance for students to successfully complete a study within the ‘normal’ study duration. This depends on various aspects such as teaching style and working methods, test forms, but also, the variety of used study materials. When we talk about easy-to-study study material in this document, it concerns study materials that meet a number of quality criteria so that the potentially suitable students are able to achieve the intended objectives and competences. We distinguish written and digital study materials. By written study materials we mean the traditional syllabus that is used during educational activities and was written with the intention to allow students to independently process the learning content (articles, PPT, course books,…). Digital study materials are instruments that enhance meaningful and active learning via the use of educational technologies and tools (YouTube, learning paths, interactive assignments, MC, websites,…).


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