Towards a didactical framework of co-creation

16 Role of the educator

Apart from the TPACK-model, the educator needs to be acquainted with another yet important success factor for digital content co-creation of study material. The role that the teacher or lecturer will take on in this process is very important and should not be undervalued. The educator must be willing to take on a different role in the learning process of the students than he/she was taking on up to until now. An educator’s beliefs about education should shift from the approach that education is about the transfer of knowledge to constructing and creating knowledge together. Educators must dare to let go of their perceived control and actively take on the role as coach in addition to that of a content expert. This clearly requires a different expertise and often requires extra professionalization and/or other accents in the teacher training since creating a mindshift in the thinking of teachers is a process that often is underestimated and that we should actively stimulate and support.


At the same time, educators must try to abandon the idea that education means ‘I am in class with my students’. Education is, as mentioned earlier, about creating knowledge together with more interaction with others; the professional field, databases, research centres, and many others.


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