Easy-to-study studymaterials

3 Added value

As an educator, one can facilitate the learning process by developing varied study materials that activate, initiate self-study activities and / or cooperative learning. Every educator makes his course according to his or her personality and creative style. Lecturers are the pedagogical, didactical and subject-matter experts, who guarantee qualitative education. It is of utmost importance that they are capable of constructing knowledge with students and that they can coach them in their learning process. By cooperating with each other and continuing to work on their own professional, personal and social development they are a role model for their students and for the kind of education they strive for. Their personal engagement and commitment will continue to inspire future generations.


From within the Offices for Study Counselling and Educational Development and Internationalization at Artevelde University College (Dienst Onderwijsontwikkeling & Internationalisering, 2016b), however there is a recommendation to use a fixed framework because:


  • it offers a recognizable and consistent structure of the study materials and this saves the students a lot of effort and therefore provides a secure and transparent learning environment
  • it offers a recognisable and consistent construction of resources;
  • and therefore, provides structure to the students, which is crucial for some to be able to succeed.
  • It also ensures a higher level of efficiency regarding the creation of study materials.
  • Finally, a fixed framework can optimally support the learning process. For example, less extra supervision of the student will be required.


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